I have read html for dummies and I know basic html and css, but i want to know how to completely create web sites. what should i do. i want to be a master at css and html and learn how to do shopping cart sites and also learn how to do sites where people can view items on a site. Whats do I need to learn?

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There are plenty of FREE sites online that teach you with detailed descriptions on HTML/CSS, but if your a visual learner like myself I highly recommend www.lynda.com You can sign up and do a trial version and then pay later if you like it. Has 1000's of training videos in almost every Language for Web and even Software training. I used it for a few months it was def. worth the money.

Answered over 9 years ago by Juan Di Diego
Rob 230

You first step is to practice html and css every day while you do the next step and that's to learn javascript. After learning javascript, you need to know a server side language. Which one you pick first might be somewhat agonizing but ask that question when you get to that point.

Answered over 9 years ago by Rob

I agree with Rob, but I'd like to suggest that before you do anything with any sort of web code, first familiarize yourself with how the web works. Particularly, learn the roles of clients and servers and the pros and cons to various technologies you might want to (or not want to) learn.

Keep in mind that the order in which you learn these technologies can be important. Rob outlined it well. Learning server-side programming would be a bad idea if you don't know the ins and outs of what your server is serving.

Also, while learning HTML and CSS, it may be tempting to do much of the styling in HTML instead of CSS. Some tutorials (especially older ones) recommend this, but it's a bad idea. Use HTML for the content and semantic structure, then make it look pretty with your stylesheets. This will keep your code clean and your browsers happy.

Answered over 9 years ago by Justin Workman