I'm working on a website on a Fmylife style.
Now the homepage is the page showing the list of the latest posts. But I think there is a problem with that: The most "interesting" page is the one showing the top posts of the last days, but that page has very few visits compared to the main page. I suppose that's only because the main page is the "default" one.

So, I've been thinking of making a home page that shows no posts (only one at the top of the page) but 4 big buttons showing the visitors what are the options to browse the content.

But I'm also afraid that most users will not click any option and leave the site having seen no posts. So I don't know what to do.

Obviously I have no idea of what will be good from a usability/efficiency point of view.
Maybe a mix of the two options will be the best, but I don't know how to mix them.

Any advice or idea will be greatly appreciated.

The current home page looks like this: http://soquestion.latest.secretsapp.appspot.com/latest
The new home page would look like this: http://soquestion.latest.secretsapp.appspot.com/

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Whether they see some posts or not, leaving is destined to be the most popular choice by far. No amount or quality of design can compensate for the inherent dearth of value in content such as "I love dick so much" and "When I masterbate i fantasize about being tied down and gang banged by random guys. I would never do it, but it turns me on so much" but if I had to offer a specific design-related criticism, it would be to choose a less imbalanced typeface for your header graphic.

Answered about 9 years ago by Nathan Duran
  • Oh yes, this totally answers my question. Damian about 9 years ago
  • I should add that "Get fun" is not really English and further detracts from the professional image you imaging yourself projecting with this terrible bandwagon project. Nathan Duran about 9 years ago

You could maybe have a landing page with some search-engine keywords to draw attention to your site, then have a box similar to what's on Twitter's home page for posting real-time "secrets."

Real time interaction adds untold depth to a site with very little work on your part--the drawback is, you need your users to post quite often for it to be prominent.

Answered about 9 years ago by Zack Doherty