I have a website that contains some very large (2000px) images scrolling in the central div. Is there a way to eliminate the shifting around that occurs on small resolution computers?

  • Try putting the entire slider coder into a wrapper div with a set width and overflow:hidden; Is that what you're going for? Gary Hepting about 9 years ago
  • Errr, I meant to type a set width of 100%; (width:100%;overflow:hidden;) Gary Hepting about 9 years ago
  • It has a wrapper with a width of 100% and hidden overflow... problem is, when I set my header and footer to be liquid (change with resolution) the slider coder stays in the exact same position and appears skewed off to the right. I need it to automatically center based on the resolution... KyleBooth about 9 years ago
  • Do you have a staging link you can post so we can see what you've got so far? Abinadi Ayerdis about 9 years ago

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Ste4lth 28

Alright, this is a complex one. What you need to do is find a solution that regards tables. Also, top center is the alignment you're looking for. 2000px scaled down to say a 8xx px monitor isn't the best looking, so I don't recommend it, but here's the solution.

Answered about 9 years ago by Ste4lth