I have a website to catalog movies you've seen and compare them to public opinions and IMDB.

Google analytics shows that I get sufficient traffic to my website. Only problem is that users don't feel like Registering or once registered, don't go further and add movies. 30% of my users have 0 movies.

Maybe the registering process isn't friendly or clear enough. Could you check it and tell me how can I improve it?


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  1. Get a better domain name and branding. I'm sure a lot of visitors will think of your current brand as "Movies for poo" which is, (pun intended) crappy branding.
  2. Regardless of whether it's hosted on your ow PC or a fast server, your home page (and many others) are hopelessly overweight, and it's the distracting banner that is to blame. I'm sure that a jquery slideshow plugin would be much more lightweight than that flash, and images can be retrieved in the background after the page has completed loading.
  3. NEVER EVER email a user their password!
  4. You need a lot more information about how the site works before the call to action (sign up). You need to sell new visitors on why the service would be a good investment of time for them.
  5. Ratings out of 100 is far too fine-grained and makes people think too much. What's the difference between an 84 and an 87? IMDB has it right with a 10 (well, 11) point scale.
  6. If the aim is for people to track every movie they've already seen, you probably need some means of presenting them filtered lists to remind them. 1997 releases might still be a large list, but filtering by genres will only work if you allow multiple genres per movie. For many people it might be better to eliminate genres ("I never watch horror films or westerns"). And allow people to just check movies as "seen" to generate a list to be rated later.

Two additional comments:

  1. I have no idea what all the entries for "channels" mean. I can only assume that they are TV channels in some other country. If I'm not from that country, could you just make the list read "Cinema, 3D cinema, DVD, Blu-Ray, Pay TV, Free-to-Air TV"? That is sufficient categorisation!
  2. I see the flash is gone, but because the script that you are using is moving large images beyond the page borders, it makes the page jump about (as scrollbars appear and disappear). I think that large scale movement is far too distracting, anyway, and I've met people who cannot stand to view a web page with any physical movement on it. Fade transitions tend to be less distracting. BTW, using film posters like that goes beyond "fair use" and could get a copyright suit brought against you.
Answered over 9 years ago by Richard Grevers
  • Thank you, was very helpful! Regarding point #6, I invented "quickgrade" that allows you to grade movies quickly according to their popularity. I'll be taking points #2 & #4 into consideration and will work on them soon. Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago
  • (I'll take a guess you're "dddddd") Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago
  • ahhh.. can't delete comments.... forget my last one... Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago
  • "Movies for Poo" would actually be a lot more interesting than this. Nathan Duran over 9 years ago
  • The quick-grade is okay, but it just keeps feeding me american movies. Users need some way to select what categories are presented, e.g. I want to grade all the New Zealand films I've seen. Richard Grevers over 9 years ago
  • I haven't seen the scroll-bars appearing/disappearing phenomenon. Which browser & resolution do you use? Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago

Here's my feedback, I don't want to register before I've had a look round. Trying to look round was painfully slow and the layout is un-inintuitive and lacklustre.

Tiny Images and misaligned blocks make me uncomfortable with the site, almost as if it's broken. Comic-sans doesn't make it friendlier, just more unprofessional.

Not a site I can see me using.

Answered over 9 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • Thank you for your comments. Where did you see Comic-Sans? Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago
  • .HeaderFancy { font-family:Copperplate Gothic Bold,Comic Sans MS, Arial; font-size:15px; margin-bottom:10px; margin-top:5px; } Tony Crockford over 9 years ago
  • I don't have Copperplate Gothic Bold, so I get Comic Sans - I think it was a movie page, but I can't get it to load again - so so slow. Tony Crockford over 9 years ago

Aside from the fact that it looks like a spreadsheet with some overcompressed clip art pasted in:

  1. Don't refer to your site as "moviez.net" when it's clearly not "moviez.net"
  2. Don't put PayPal "DONATE" buttons on anything
  3. If English is not your native language, hire someone else to write your English copy for you so it's not so disjointed, awkward and amateurish looking
  4. Margins are free. Use a lot of them.
Answered over 9 years ago by Nathan Duran
  • Can you be more specific about 1 & 3? What do you expect "Moviez.NET" to be? Can you give examples of wrong English and how you would have improved it? Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago
  • "moviez.net" is a top-level domain name which you do not own. If you don't believe me, type "moviez.net" into your browser's address bar and see if your site comes up. There aren't any examples of correct English anywhere on your site, so the best I can do is point to the most offensive content here: http://moviez.4pu.com/about.aspx Nathan Duran over 9 years ago
  • Thank you for your cruel and honest answer. Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago

Here is some quick things I would recommend:

  1. Your page does not validate properly. Go to the W3C Validator and see all the errors that are provided.
  2. I would recommend checking what is loading on your site. It does seem really slow. If you have firefox, I would recommend using FireBug. I would then recommend checking out YSlow. This should give you a good understanding of what is happening.
  3. If you have Chrome, check out Speed Tracer. This is simply an amazing web page profiling tool that will tell you lots of information about your site and where it's huring.
Answered over 9 years ago by Ascalonian
  • Thank you for your comments. I made sure it validates now. Regarding the speed... well.. that's the price for hosting the website on your own PC... it's temporary. Tomer Rosenthal over 9 years ago