This website has been in the works for far too long ...

For the most part it's done, but the client is making me crazy about the way it's rendering in IE6 and understandably so I guess.

Any suggestions on how I may fix this? I'm at a loss ...

This is the actually website here:

Thank you for any help, it's appreciated ~

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The problem is largely that you're relying heavily on PNGs with transparency, which IE6 doesn't support. There are workarounds, but getting them to work can be tricky.

I see that you're using jQuery on the site -- there's a jQuery plugin that helps with IE6 PNG transparency:

I also noticed that you're using a lot of very large images as your site layout, which is going to cause a problem with anyone that's not on a fast connection, and will at least cause the page to take longer to load even on a fast connection.

Answered almost 10 years ago by Clay Hinson
  • Thanks for the reply ` Is there such thing a script that will prompt users to upgrade their browser I can use on the website for those using IE6? Thank you again Jennifer almost 10 years ago
  • Wow, sorry ... great English huh? LOL Jennifer almost 10 years ago
  • here's an unobtrusive script you can add that will encourage users to upgrade: Clay Hinson almost 10 years ago

Thanks so much both of you :)

Answered almost 10 years ago by Jennifer

There are limitations to that png fix. You can't tile bg images for example.

Answered over 9 years ago by scott romack