I've been searching for hours and did not find anything related to this bug: http://visa-wise.co.uk/

Look at the top horizontal menu, keep refreshing the page and you'll see that weirdly the HTML get rendered like this http://pastie.org/1173503 (copied from firebug)

But if you look into the source without firebug, you'll see that the menu is totally fine http://pastie.org/1173505

And something very weird: this rendering error does NEVER happen when Firebug is activated...

I really don't get what is happening there.. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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Block elements (divs) inside inline elements (a) isn't valid for your doctype, so I suspect the rendering engine is trying to overcome that and gets confused. Sort that out and it should improve matters.

Answered over 8 years ago by Tony Crockford
  • First, thanks for your answer. You are totally right as I tried removing the top span and replacing my div by a span and it works well... I have another question, if I don't use any block elements inside my "a" how would I make the items where there is a line break? ex: Visa categories (br) Still living in Canada? Thanks! Tommy Bergeron over 8 years ago
  • I just made two spans with a (br) between them and it fixed the problem! Rendering perfectly. Thanks for your help! Tommy Bergeron over 8 years ago
  • Oh finally it is still buggy in Chrome but it's okay in FireFox... Tommy Bergeron over 8 years ago