I've been designing a pure HTML and CSS site, and I've decided to use a single-column layout for the whole thing. The main purpose of the site is to function as a personal resume page, so I wanted to keep it really light.

The site's background looks a bit bland to me, and I was wonder, what kind of background would suit the layout best?

Thanks a lot! (if anyone wants to see the site's code, here's a jsFiddle page. You'll have to resize the browser thing to see the background color. Here's a link: http://jsfiddle.net/xJjpk/)

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Experiment with using a 10px wide by however tall you want vertical gradient that fades into the background color. In the CSS, set the background-position to repeat-x in the top left corner. The file size will be small and will keep page loading quick. You can even add one to the gray background on the html element and a different one to the green background of the body element.


html { background: #323232 url(/imgs/html-bg.jpg) repeat-x top left; }
body { background: #9cc450 url(/imgs/body-bg.jpg) repeat-x top left; }
Answered over 7 years ago by Artistic Abode