As a developer I sometimes volunteer to put up sites --- simple brochure-ware -- for non-profits. I am glad to do it, but cannot manage to do sites for all the worthy causes I run into.

What is the best free hosted webapp allowing non-experts to build their own sites? It should support custom domains?

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Ktash 1851

Personally, I like Wordpress as it is really easy to get it off the ground. It is, however, easier for blogs and such than it is for informational sites.

It does require a little teaching for people who don't know anything about websites, but overall I think its the easiest. Joomla and Drupal in my opinion require a lot more work to get up and running, and to teach people how to use. I've only used them briefly, but I in using them, I wasn't convinced that they were any easier. Their value, I'm told, lies more in the power that they have, which for quick sites like the ones you'd want to put up don't need that much power.

Answered over 8 years ago by Ktash