tom 5

I'm currently designing a web app that would benefit from some scrolling tables; exactly like these; (doesn't work in IE7?)

However, no solution I can find seems to work accross the board.

What's the best method for implimenting this? Is there a solution that will work accross all main browsers (IE6 and above, Firefox 3 and above, Chrome etc.)?

This must be a relatively common problem?!


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kemie 247

I managed to adapt the imaputz solution so it works on ie7 (this was a while ago, so ie8 wasn't tested)

scrollable table demo

However, it is buggy, and not easy to implement (you have to set column widths manually) . If I were to use a scrolling table now, I'd probably use a javascript solution, such as

scrollable table jquery plugin

Answered over 9 years ago by kemie
  • Agree on the jQuery solution. +1 o.k.w over 9 years ago
  • Thank you :-) I think we're going to have to work on it for it to support Chrome too, but jQuery definitely seems the best approach. tom over 9 years ago