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I have the option of, or

My client belives the longer option is better, because people searching for "companycategory" are more likely to find it.

Both companyname and companycategory are frequent in the content.

I believe that having a URL that is easier for people to remember and communicate is more important, and that the different in SEO does not outweigh the value of a concise name.

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All things being equal, the shorter the better. However the fact is most short versions of the keywords you want to use for SEO are probably used by many others.

If your company name is a dictionary word and is related to your business, then it is best if you can just use the company name alone for the domain name.

Let's take a hypothetical industry called "Teer" and your compnay is "Teer Consulting Group". Well, if "" by any chance is not used, go get it! Else go for "teerconsulting" or "teer-consulting" etc.

Say however "teer" is an established industry and all related domains were taken up. Your company name is "weer". Well, "" will not get your ranking up very fast. "" will probably be better.

Is it easier for your clients or prospect to remember "" or "", well you are right that the shorter the easier to remember.

Which outweights which? SEO or "easy-to-remember"? It really depends on the nature of your business and how you want to market and publicize your site. If you already have extensive network, sending mailers or word-of-mouth might just get you far enough without SEO factors.

If you are starting from scratch and depends on people to find you, no one is going to search "weer". So what if it comes out top by searching "weer"? You want to get those who search "teer" and find you in the first few pages. Now, "" will be handy, isn't it?

If both domains are available, go grab both, make "" your primary one and have "" redirected to it. When "weer" beomes a dominant name in the "teer" market, you can then switch it around because people will be search "weer"!

Answered over 8 years ago by o.k.w