Ok, I recently ask a question on gathering data from a web source then using that info to update my site (click here to view). Let me revise that question.

After looking at many ways to automaticaly scrape the data, I have run into other problems. Its seems as if this task might be to complex for my mediocre understanding of programming and web construction.

Perhaps you can help me find a web content builder who can assist me with this project. With compensation ofcourse.

  • I wonder if the Litmus guys would be interested in doing a job board here on doctype? Don Zacharias over 8 years ago

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Job boards such as eLance and RentACoder are an option, just be sure to ask for or check feedback, past work, code samples and qualifications though as there are many inexperienced and unqualified developers bidding for work.

I am also available for work. If you would like to provide further details, I'd be happy to provide a quote.

Answered over 8 years ago by enbuyukfener
  • yeah, I'd like to get a quote and see how much of what I need is possible. Got an email address? better yet, check out my project site... most of what I want to do is modeled there. It just lacks functionality and efficiency. Its one of those "DIY" sites that require no code at all so its pretty basic. You will find my contact info on the site as well. Mr. Sims over 8 years ago
  • http://22probowl.webnode.com Mr. Sims over 8 years ago