I would like to ask your opinion about what cms do you recommend for designing a simple news website.

Thank you

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if you're not concerned that much on security then use Wordpress. Now before someone flames me because of this comment, please check the Wordpress forum, and check their WordPress horrors :)

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I believe in the saying if you want something done right, better to do it yourself (in a certain extent of course). If you're up to the challenge then read this ---

I would suggest upgrading/learning a bit of webdev skills/programming language. Well, I'm kinda biased on this one, because I'm currently learning this one. If you check this post however you'll be amazed http://bit.ly/bvsnyL , this was year 2006 about 4 years ago. He made a simple cms out of 13 lines of code, using django/python. I'm not saying just learn that particular language - in this case (django/python), I'm saying tailor made CMS is best.

So instead of having a bulky CMS to power your site, 90% of features you probably won't need or use, then I guess a tailor made CMS is your best solution. That is if you're up to the challenge. Of course you can always hire programmers as well. But the problem lies is that if every you wanted to upgrade or add a feature; You're somewhat tied to that programmer, since he knows the code best. Probably 90% of the programmers you'll hire will offer you a write from scratch solution, and suggest it will be faster than understanding the current script.

Now imagine if you're the one who made the script from scratch, and later on you want to add features, you probably know how and you can learn the language on a as-needed basis. So in this case: you just need a simple news website. You probably won't need to learn much if you're doing something that basic. But still having the benefit of learning something new you could probably reuse it on other projects.

Answered about 9 years ago by cssrockstah
  • thank you. what do you suggest to use instead of Wordpress? mnish about 9 years ago
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  • Thank you again. Actually some times ago I wanted to build a website so I'v decided to make my own cms making use of php, ajax, and mysql. But it took me alot of time to make the simplest things, like making a text editor, adding images to the right place of a text etc. let alone making more complex thigs. So I stopped with making my own cms :(. Although I still want to go back and start where I was stopped with my cms but until now I haven't had much time to do so. mnish about 9 years ago

Wordpress is the best for such stuff. Just go for it. Its sweet and simple.

Answered about 9 years ago by Shubhkarman
  • You might also want to consider Drupal. Shubhkarman about 9 years ago

I'd suggest using Wordpress. It's really simple, easy to use and you can customize it nicely.

Answered about 9 years ago by UX Designer
  • thank you. I have a little bit experience with joomla but I find it difficult to make my own template or adjust an existing one. Is it easy to make templates for Wordpress? mnish about 9 years ago

Wordpress, absolutely.

Answered about 9 years ago by Matteo De Felice

Wordpress. There are more basic CMSes out there like cushycms etc. But wordpress just works. Plus there is a ton of resources online about Wordpress that you cant find in other CMSes

Answered about 9 years ago by Mirza Rahman