I am trying to get the comments page to look more like the post page (ie the header, footer, sidebar, etc).

From what I can tell the comments page is somehow getting a second header called in on line 68 that I can't figure out where it is coming from. And there is no opening body tag under the first header. Can someone help direct me to where it could be pulling this code from? And also any insight on how to fix it?

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Check the validation reports for both pages [Invalid] Markup Validation of innatsolitude.com/Backtracks/?page_id=6 and [Invalid] Markup Validation of innatsolitude.com/Backtracks/?p=19 and you can see where you have missing closing tags, a missing <body> tag, etc. Scroll down on each report to see source and line numbers. Look in header.php for the missing <body> tag, and in single.php or page.php for closing tag errors, and compare to a fresh copy of Kubrick to for the right code.

Answered almost 10 years ago by songdogtech