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You can see the current menu here.

Some ideas I had were something similar to, to create a more tabbed interface, than a sub-horizontal menu under it. Separating out the on/off base business and ads menus to tabs, their sub-menus under that.

I'm halfway looking for inspiration to redesign the menu (which, honestly, I quickly threw out there). And halfway hoping to hear some of your experiences. The site is/will be a bit data centric, so finely crafted graphical buttons, etc... may be a bit difficult to implement smoothly.

Thanks in advance!

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o.k.w 2355

My 2 cents on the current navigation menu.

The behavior aspect is rather fine. If I were to be picky, it's the small tiny lag on mouseover.

The aesthetic aspect, I have the following comments:

  • The dropdown list has similar color/stripped look which blends into the background content hence doesn't stand out/visible.
  • The list for On-Base Business is too long (space-wise, not number). Hence for smaller screen, vertical scrolling of the entire page is needed. This can be rather 'annoying' to some users.

Other than that, I don't think you need too much change unless you just want a total overhaul of look-n-feel :)

Answered over 9 years ago by o.k.w
  • The tiny lag is actually intended! :) Recommended by Jacob Nielsen of Not trying a total overhaul of the look and feel... my main problems with the current one are: 1) mega-dropdown too big (which you noted) and 2) I'm backed in a corner for further navigation. At the moment the site has 2 main services, but over time I plan to add more... I'm gonna go with an idea I have... I'll ask again when I upload the results - hopefully you'll be able to remember the way it is now so you can compare. Thanks for posting! Chad over 9 years ago
  • New navigation is online. What do you think? Improvement? No more mega-dropdown menus. Chad over 9 years ago

A few comments:

-I agree w/ o.k.w about the lag in the menu on mouseOver as it makes the menu feel like there is some processing needing to be done in the background or some other problem. It also doesn't seem to aid in the usability of the menu (I can see a lag on mouseOut helping w/ usability, but not with the mouseOver)

-There are multiple menus for users to learn. The menu on the top(Change base, more, login, signup, etc) which is different (both functionally and visually) from the lower menu. From a usability perspective this is bad for users.

-The menu you do have in place doesn't work because it does a bad job of establishing the hierarchy of the elements. It may work better to create a menu that has 2nd level items in one menu, and then all the 3rd level items as a separate fly-out. At the very least for places that you multiple items separated by a comma, you should put each item on a new line.

Answered over 9 years ago by Matthew
  • Good advice, I agree... I'm rebuilding the flow of the site a bit. Getting rid of the mega drop down menus and structuring the site a little differently (more hierarchy). Appreciate your answer. Chad over 9 years ago
  • New navigation is online. What do you think? Chad over 9 years ago