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I'm just starting to create a website that supports my business. I want a sleek design oriented site - because that's what I like and it also suits my business.

Trouble is that all the mocks looks terrible once I start to incorporate Ads into the site. (My ad provider will most likely be Google AdSense - if that matters).

Has anyone seen a beautiful / design oriented website that incorporates ads? Are there any coding tricks to make the ads less in your face.


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Well google adsense offers mutiple ads that will fit with your site, I suggest using a smaller and less flashy ad that will make it less noticable. You could also try copying down the link that your ad leads to, then creating your own ad and linking the image to the ad link.

Answered over 7 years ago by Ralph Stone
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This is often a problem between designers and advertisers. You want to pull your readers into the site, and advertisers want to pull them away. Honestly, the best sites I've seen that have ads are one that are off to the side and not interrupting content. The worst thing for me is ads that are in the middle of the content that I'm trying to read/look at.

For your site specifically, it depends on how you have your site setup at the moment. If you have columns/a navigation pane, I would recommend putting them in that, instead of in the content. If you have a more modern/sleek design, its going to be tough to fit them in without making the stand out against the other content.

Now this said, you will generate less hits if you put them off to the side and people don't notice them, so that is the trade off. If they are going to be the bread and butter for your site and business, I would recommend interrupting content. It irritates me as a reader, but I am usually understanding to sites that are ad driven.

Without knowing what type of design you are doing, its hard to give much more advice than that.

Answered over 7 years ago by Ktash

Have you considered opting for FusionAds instead of Google AdSense? I find that their ads are way prettier and hence less intrusive.

Answered over 7 years ago by Jonathan Chua
  • I liked the look of their ads as well. However, I contacted them and they told me "But we're really happy with our lineup right now and already have a long waiting list of potential members." And that was without even seeing my site. An advertiser that turns down the opportunity to show ads - oddly refreshing... will about 7 years ago