I have a corner tab on this page that should appear top right. I have put a linkable graphic in a div.

Heres the CSS for the div...

starburst {

height: 200px;
z-index: 500;
text-align: right;
position: absolute;
width: 100%;


MSIE pushes the width of the page so that the corner tab enforces a horizontal scroll bar. Why wont it fit to 100%

Of course Firefox is fine. Help!!!

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Have you tried not setting a width and adding "top:0;right:0". this should position the div up in the right corner instead of needing the "width" and "text-align" which could be the lingering issue.

Answered almost 11 years ago by Efficient Pixel

Not sure why IE is doing that. However, you could try the following method instead and see if it helps...

Because you have positioned this div as absolute, you can set the following property:

right: 0;

and either remove the width, or set it to a fixed value instead of %. I think that should give you the same result, hopefully without the IE issue.

Answered almost 11 years ago by Jeremy Orion

Both great answers and fixed my problem. More than one way to css a cat!

I notice another problem now, but will post as another question. What a great site this is. Great response time. Thanks fellas.

Answered almost 11 years ago by Paul@Rezolution